The Link between Menopause and Mental Health
Discover the overlooked link between menopause and mental health on my blog. Beyond the usual focus on physical symptoms, I share personal experiences and insights into the emotional impact of hormonal fluctuations. Join me in navigating the menopausal rollercoaster, understanding the connection between oestrogen levels and mood, and exploring strategies for maintaining mental health. Your […]
Navigating Menopause and Hosting Christmas: A Self-Care Guide
As the festive spirit fills the air, the role of hosting Christmas brings both joy and challenges. Add menopause to the mix, complete with its unpredictable hot sweats and mood swings, and you’ve got a recipe for holiday chaos. While I gear up to don the apron and serve a smile with Christmas dinner, I’ve […]
Empowering Women: Menopause Awareness Month and the Role of Counselling
October is Menopause Awareness Month—a crucial opportunity to shed light on a transformative yet often challenging phase in a woman’s life. I know firsthand how tricky the menopause stage of life can be. Menopause is not merely a biological process; it’s a profound journey that impacts physical health, emotional well-being, and overall our quality of […]

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